"Let's Talk: Are Parents Tackling Crucial Conversations About Sex?"

A National Poll commissioned by Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health at the Silver School of Social Work at NYU

October is Let's Talk Month, a national cross-organizational campaign to plan programs and activities which encourage parent-child communication about sex and reproductive health. The campaign emphasizes the importance of effective communication to help parents talk to their kids about relationships and sexuality.  Through collaboration and support, communities work to unite parents, teens, faith communities, schools, health providers and others who want to promote these pivotal conversations, to reinforce positive, healthy attitudes about sexuality among young people.

In conjunction with Let’s Talk Month, Planned Parenthood and CLAFH commissioned a national poll by Knowledge Networks to examine if parents are tackling crucial conversations about sex. 1,111 parents of 10-18 year olds were polled for the study to obtain a nationally-representative sample with equal numbers of moms and dads polled.

The poll found that parents believe they are influential in their child’s sexual health—93% of parents feel confident about their ability to influence whether or not their child has sex and 94% of parents feel they are influential in whether or not their child uses condoms or other forms of birth control. Both mothers and fathers are very concerned about keeping their kids safe and healthy, and an overwhelming majority of parents support comprehensive sex education in middle and high school that includes both abstinence and birth control methods. Additionally, 43% of parents say they feel very comfortable talking with their children about sexuality and sexual health. However, 56% reported feeling only somewhat comfortable or uncomfortable talking to their children about sex. These results, among other findings, will be used by Planned Parenthood and CLAFH to support parents in discussing sexuality and reproductive health with their kids.

Read the press release about the poll findings.

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