Dr. James Jaccard presents at the Institute of Medicine

On September 16, 2011 Dr. James Jaccard presented a summary to officials at the Institute of Medicine in Washington D.C. of a two year project on “The Science of Adolescent Risk Taking” that was sponsored by the Institute of Medicine.  The task force of 20 developmental scientists, of which Professor Jaccard was a member, met over a two year period and was charged with (a) summarizing the current state of knowledge on biological and psychological changes that occur during adolescence and family, peer, and cultural influences that shape adolescents’ lives, (b) highlighting lessons learned from those working in related areas, and (c) identifying the knowledge, research opportunities, and emerging fields of science that offer promise for the design, implementation, and evaluation of prevention programs for adolescents.  The panel held public workshops, commissioned papers, and held numerous executive sessions over a two year period to address the above matters. A copy of the important report that emanated from the group can be found here.

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