Families Talking Together (FTT)

A Brief Parent-Based Intervention to Prevent/Reduce Adolescent Sexual Risk Behaviors

Program Goals

  • Increase target parenting behaviors designed to impact adolescent sexual decision-making
  • Delay too early sexual debut among adolescents
  • Reduce frequency of adolescent sexual intercourse

Program Components

  • Face-to-face parent sessions with interventionist
  • Family workbook (Parent modules and teen materials)
  • Homework for families (parent-adolescent communication activities)

FIT Efficacy

  • FTT is categorized as an effective program by the
    US Department of Health and Human Services

Key Features of the Intervention:

  1. Adolescent Level
    Determinants of adolescent sexual behavior
  2. Parent Level
    Parent factors associated with adolescent sexual behavior
    •    Communication
    •    Monitoring & Supervision
    •    Relationship Satisfaction
  3. Mechanisms that link parent and adolescent together

Families Talking Together: Helping Parents and Teens Talk About Sex

Video 1:Preventing Too-Early Pregnancies 
Video 2:How to Talk with Your Teen
Video 3:Monitoring and Supervision
Video 4:Parent Voices

For curriculum, materials, and information about training on FTT please contact:

Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health
New York University
Silver School of Social Work
15 Washington Place
New York, NY 10003

Email: clafh@nyu.edu

Website: www.clafh.org 

Use of FTT requires training from the program developers